• Hainan Tongka Project

    In Hainan Tongka project, the original systemarchitecture is complex, with a large number of access stations and a largeamount of business data. In 2019, according to customer requirements,

    Hainan Tongka Project
  • Changsha Chengtou Project

    The Center Platform of Changsha Chengtou Project adoptsa micro-service framework model, which enables each system component to focuson serving a specific business. Unified IC structure standards andcommunication protocol specifications are adopted to realize all-in-

    Changsha Chengtou Project
  • Shaanxi Meineng Project

    Shaanxi Meineng Project, combined with the existingIC card business system, the two-in-one self-service recharge/payment machineand the QR code scanning box of the gas company, enables customers of gascompanies to realize

    Shaanxi Meineng Project


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